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Meet the Founder of My Reliable Admin

We’ve heard it before, “Well, once you start a family, the life you knew is over.” You might as well forget your dreams, put your suitcase in storage and hit repeat on PAW Patrol.” Yet, while starting a family brings compromise and new challenges, today, this opinion is proved wrong by women who love motherhood, pursue careers, start businesses, create jobs and still have dinner on the table by 7 pm. Okay, this could be Chinese takeout, but that’s beside the point.

Meet Angie, mother of two gorgeous boys, wife to Andrew, Virtual Personal Assistant and Founder of My Reliable Admin.

Why did you start My Reliable Admin?

I got into the virtual assisting world a few years ago while pregnant with my first-born son. I wanted to stay home with him but continue working and this career fell into my lap at the right moment. It became the perfect fit for me and my family.

Then I began meeting people who would say, “Oh, I could use a VA (Virtual Assistant)!” or “Wow, that sounds like a really awesome job!” so I knew there was greater opportunity to share the wonderful experience I’ve had as a VA with others.

My husband and I started in 2016, and today, we have a growing team of personal assistants and corresponding clients. Currently, most of our assistants are in a similar season of life… home with the kiddos while helping busy entrepreneurs get stuff done!

There are a growing number of Virtual Assisting Companies out there. What kind of culture and tone sets My Reliable Admin apart and why?

We want to bring world-class customer service with a big, bright smile. Crossing tasks off the list is highly important, but we want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients beyond the monotony of the computer screen.

Also, I think we set ourselves apart by the quality of assistants we have and continue to add to our team. We are careful when pairing clients with assistants to make sure it’s the best fit. We prioritize quality before quantity.

What are 3 words to describe My Reliable Admin?

Reliable, Genuine, Consistent.

What do you find the most challenging aspect of your job?

There are always challenges and areas where I continue to learn and grow, especially as our business expands and develops. Delegating and letting others help me in the process can be

hard. It’s easy to think, “I can get it done faster if I do it myself.” But before you know it, there are a million little things to get done and it’s not so easy after all. As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work!”

How do you balance your career at My Reliable Admin with family?

I guess that’s one practical challenge for most working parents – not enough time in the day! Work/life/family balance is something I continue to practice and improve, but finding a good flow to my schedule is key. Every day, I set dedicated time aside for play time with my three-year- old and eight-month-old. Obviously, we play and interact throughout the day, but this is time where I purposefully stay away from my phone and computer and give them my undivided attention.

My dedicated work time is typically before the kids wake up and during nap times. Fortunately, I am blessed with kids that nap! For me, creating routine for career and family life is crucial and effective.

What do you like most about My Reliable Admin and your role?

Productivity. It’s a gratifying feeling to cross items off the to-do list. It’s fun for me to help others be productive by scheduling meetings and appointments, answering emails and booking flights. Knowing that we make their lives a bit easier makes my job rewarding too.

I also enjoy the communication between my team of admins. A virtual job can sometimes be lonely, so my husband and I try to encourage an environment where our assistants know they are heard and may ask for help. We want to build good relationships within the company, not only with our clients.

What are 3 important lessons you’ve learned thus far?

  1. Stay organized! Create a system for priorities and set reminders and calendar alerts.

  2. Be thorough. When you go the extra mile for people, it speaks volumes! It’s also just plain, good Customer Service.

  3. Communicate. Whether I’ve made a mistake or there’s an update on a task or project, communication is vital in client/assistant relationships. Communication builds trust, even when it comes to difficult discussions.

What is on your wish list for My Reliable?

We’d love to see MRA continue to grow and envision several small teams of admins supporting each other and their clients all over the United States. Andrew and I love that we have the platform to create jobs for people. This job isn’t just for stay-at- home mothers, but a career for people who want the flexibility to give other areas of their lives intention and passion too.

Down the road, we’d love to create an App for clients to have a quick and easy way to contact their assistants and see the status and progress of their tasks.

Do you have a personal Motto or mantra?

“Live Simply.” I have these words hanging up in my bedroom. It is a reminder I need daily. Life is busy and crazy and the day is over before you know it. Schedules get cluttered, to-do lists are never ending, and it can be stressful. Staying focused on what is most important helps create boundaries to the things that are not as important. I want to spend my days well. In order to do that, I need to simplify areas in my life like my schedule or the daily expectations I put on myself.

Last and most important…What is the one superhero ability you wish you had?

I wish I could fly… yep, like Peter Pan.

Contact Angie at for more information on client services and virtual administrative roles available! We’d love to hear from you!


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